About Heirlūm

It’s All About the Details

Who We Are__

Function, Form & History.

We’re Kassi and Karmon — a best friend/sister team with a passion for design in all forms, shapes, and sizes. We can dream up anything, from children’s books, to an immersive brand strategy for a craft beer company. We keep ourselves busy, creating and designing our own lives, and are inspired by those unexpected artifacts, handed down through generations.

We love a touch of quirk and kitsch amongst our clean lines. We believe that good design lasts a lifetime, even when fitted to the needs of the current age. We treasure close-knit family and a memory that can transport you—these are the kinds of stories we strive to convey at Heirlum Design Co.

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We keep our process clear-cut, simple, and refreshing.

We’ve combined our innate creativity, with instinctual research skills to bring you Heirlum. We tailor each project to the individual, ensuring a unique and honed solution.

We don’t regurgitate trends. When you partner with us, you get stunning results, finely tuned for your specific goals. Let’s Talk Shop!

Including, Not Limited to__ What do We Deliver?
  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity & Logo Design
  • Website Design & Build Strategy
  • Print & Digital Collateral
  • Event, Environment, & Space Design
  • Mobile & Desktop Application Design
  • Event & Wedding Invitation Design

See something you like? Get in touch, Let’s discuss how to reach your goals!